Manyana Hostel and Casa are created out of passion for solo tourists, backpackers and pure love for travel and exposure to nature and culture. Travelling is an experience that opens your mind; the exposure to nature, adventure and human experience with other travellers can broaden your perspective on life.

Manyana builds on this experience and facilitates travellers with budget as well as splurge packages.


Manyana Casa caters to travel packages meant for travellers who wish to travel in leisure and need customized itineraries which can ease the journey. We offer private rooms with a little more than the essentials to ensure you are comfortable and your journey is relaxed.


Manyana hostel is sold by the bed and is typically bunks but Manyana hostel has the best mattresses to ensure you have a good night's sleep after backpacking or roughing out a hike across the hills. While we also facilitate networking areas and and help you with concierge services where we help you choose places to visit or activities to choose from. Ask us on what is the best way to get there and we might even help with transport.

We hope to inspire you to travel more and share your travel experiences with us in turn inspiring others to travel.



Really commendable 👏👏! Highly recommended. I would say perfect place to stay if you want to stay bit closer nature and hustle n bustle of city crowd. 5-6 km far from madikere bus stand. Really clean and beautiful place. Special mention for caretaker.

So i stayed for a day in the family room with my parents and sister. Previouly they were bit worried as they wanted to stay inside city. But their opinion totally changed now. They are really happy with this experience. I would say this memory will stay with them for rest of the life. Thanks for the great service. Will definitely visit again.

T Sudhakar Patra -

Google Local Guide  Review

Stayed in March 2020